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Both. Anecdotal medicine says it’s certain, although most doctors say there is no proof of it, and to stick with allergy shots and antihistamines. 


The theory is that bees collect pollen, and pollen blows around in the air, so honey produced locally and in season, and “raw,” or, not purified, will contain small amounts of these pollens. 


Much like how a vaccine works, eating a teaspoon of honey every day would expose the immune system to these pollens and reduce the response to greater amounts of them from the outside world.


In truth, there have been next to no scientific studies to determine how well this works, although many people swear by it. Until more studies are done, the only way to see if it works for you is to try it.


One fact that is for sure, is that honey should never be given to infants under two years old. Honey does contain mold spores, which can overwhelm their immune system, although they do not harm adults or older children.


Written by Doe Zantamata


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Written by Doe Zantamata — June 18, 2013