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Empath Soap - Body Bar Soap

Chakra Soul

Scent: Unique

Skin Type: All, stressed, irritated


Empath: A person who takes on negative energy from people who surround him or her. General fatigue, pain with no medical cause, moodiness, irritation on the skin. 


Empath Soap contains minerals, essential oils, and natural oils to lighten the toxic energy that an empath takes on. Empaths are usually drawn to healing fields as careers, worsening the effects they feel. Nurses, doctors, massage therapists, counselors all can suffer as a result of taking their work home with them in the form of energy. 


Empath Soap Contains:


Hemp Seed Oil: Rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, reduces inflammation and conditions skin


Castor Oil: Used by healer-medium Edgar Cayce. Cayce believed that Castor Oil could draw out negative energy and the ailments that resulted from storing it within the body


Black Salt: Also known as Kala Namak, or Indian Sulfur Salt. This salt is a purifying, detoxifying, naturally occurring salt with a high mineral and sulfur content. It has been used in Ayurvedic preparations for thousands of years. Therapeutic mineral springs all over the world credit their healing ability to the presence of natural sulfur from deep within the earth. 


Dalmation Sage Essential Oil: Dalmation Sage is used in smudge sticks to bless and purify homes and living spaces from negative or residual energies. It has also been used by people in many cultures to ward off "evil spirits" or negative energy


Wild Mint Essential Oil: Stimulating and cooling, wild harvested and therapeutic grade


Hyssop Essential Oil: Mentioned many times in Biblical texts, purifying oil


Frankincense Essential Oil: One of the gifts of the Magi, Frankincense is an oil of the Crown Chakra, connection to the Universe and to God. This prized Holy Oil has been used as anointing oil for thousands of years.


Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil: Cleansing, bright, refreshing oil which tones the skin and lifts the mood


Tea Tree Essential Oil: Purifying oil which opens all of the Chakras and connects to the crown


Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Purifying, detoxifying, opening and expansive essential oil which also acts as an expectorant


Empath Soap can be used weekly as a detox, or several times per week on the face and body in shower. A scrub mitt or brush is recommended. 




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