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Aura Activator Natural Fragrance and Meditation Mist

Chakra Soul

Aura Activator is a natural essential oil mist, with 14 essential oils that shake off static energy and give the aura a recharge. 


Hyssop, purifying holy oil, used in small amounts can dispel negative energy

Himalayan Cedarwood, grounding and serene, this root chakra oil centers the aura

Cypress, opening and expansive, this heart chakra essential oil is a deep breath for the aura

Peppermint, stimulating and focusing

Juniper Berry, third eye chakra, bright and fresh note

Lemongrass, toning and fortifying citrus fresh essential oil

Lavender, heart chakra calming, the master oil of aromatherapy

plus a proprietary blend of other essential oils which uplift and empower.


Made with pure USDA Aloe Leaf Juice and alcohol-free, Aura Activator is an energetic aromatherapy enhancement in addition to a fresh fragrance.



Wear it as a perfume/cologne, spray before meditation, or use as a pillow mist. 


60 ml (2 fl oz) plastic bottle (bpa-free). 


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