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Uplift Natural Fragrance and Meditation Mist

Chakra Soul

Connect is an all natural fragrance and meditation mist by Chakra Soul. All of the Essential Oils in Uplift are to support the Higher Chakras. 


Alcohol-Free, it is made with USDA Organic Aloe Juice and:


Bergamot Essential Oil: Throat Chakra. Speaking one's truth. Bergamot is a bright, Italian Citrus Fruit. Known for relieving tension. 


Sweet Basil Essential Oil: Throat Chakra. Speaking one's truth. Connection from the heart to the words that flow out via the voice. Sweet Basil Essential Oil is fresh, circulatory-stimulating, and restorative. Connected to the breath. 


Juniper Berry Essential Oil: Third Eye Chakra. Intuition and inner knowledge. Juniper Berries are sharp and woodsy. Increasing of awareness and the present moment.


Frankincense Essential Oil: Crown Chakra. Connection to God & The Universe. Frankincense was a gift to Baby Jesus and is considered a Royal Essential Oil all over the world throughout history. Frankincense is obtained by harvesting the resinous tears of Frankincense Trees. Frankincense Trees can survive in very harsh conditions; their strength is within. Highly spiritual oil, Frankincense is often burned in temples and churches to increase the meditative state. 


The higher chakras are of the spiritual domain. Speaking one's truth, intuition, and connection to God and the Universe. The world inside one's mind and soul is unique to every individual, and no one can truly know it as well as you. Every thought, every feeling, every emotion. This is the most important and most unexplored world of all. 


Uplift is one of the fragrances in the Chakra Soul Chakra Trio, available individually or in a set. Wear it as a cologne or perfume, spray before meditation, or use as a pillow mist. 


60 ml (2 fl oz) plastic bottle. 


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