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Vitalisea Toning Himalayan Pink Salt and Mineral Mist

Love Ya Face

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Can be used on face and body


Vitalisea is an all natural revitalizing mineral and salt mist by Love Ya Face. 


Alcohol-Free, it is made with USDA Organic Aloe Juice and:


Himalayan Pink Salt: Detoxifying and absorbing of negative energy

Dead Sea Salt: Naturally contains minerals of Potassium, Bromide, Magnesium, and Calcium

Epsom Salt: High in Magnesium


Juniper Berry Essential Oil: Fresh and uplifting, cleansing

Bergamot Essential Oil: Toning and Citrusy

Spearmint Essential Oil: Energizing and stimulating

Laurel Leaf Essential Oil: Lymphatic Stimulating, Antiviral, Nerve Tonic

Tea Tree Essential Oil: antiseptic and antibacterial

Cypress Essential Oil: Circulatory stimulant


Orange Blossom Distillate: Calming and mildly astringent. 


Magnesium is so very important to overall health and many people are deficient in Magnesium due to lack of adequate sources from the diet. It is possible to absorb Magnesium through the skin. Daily use of Vitalisea will provide a small daily amount of Magnesium to the bloodstream. You can read more about Magnesium's importance and lab studies of it here:


Use daily after shower and before moisturizing. Do not spray in face. To apply to face, spray on hands and apply. Avoid the eye area. 


2 oz purse size or 4 oz plastic bottle. 


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