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Overnight Sensation Facial Balm

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Welcome the mornings by using Overnight Sensation Regenerating Facial Balm at night. Our skin repairs itself as we sleep, and using an ultra hydrating balm with skin loving ingredients will have a dramatic impact on your skin's health in a very short amount of time.

This incredible balm features:

- Organic Nilotica East African Shea Butter - Hydrating and rejuvenating

- Organic Petitgrain Essential Oil - Firming and toning

- Organic Sunflower Oil - Hydrating and balancing

- Organic Peppermint Essential Oil - Cooling and astringent

- Organic Beeswax - Hydrating and protective

- Organic Bergamot Essential Oil - Refining and purifying

- Bee Propolis - Naturally occurring minerals, enzymes, and vitamins! 


Cooling, firming, regenerating. Improves skin tone and redness, as well as mild acne. Protective and nourishing ingredients are excellent for mature skin.

To use, after cleansing, take a pea sized amount and warm it on your palm or between your fingers. Apply all over your face with a light patting or gliding motion, then apply the rest to your neck. Leave on overnight and wake up to the softest skin you've ever had in your life! 

Available in 1 oz tins. 


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