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Ballerina Firming Balm

Love Ya Face

Ballerina Balm is a firming, toning balm for cellulite and stretch marks. Containing only pure essential and carrier oils which rejuvenate and provide quick and long term results. 


Ballerina Balm contains the following:


Juniper Berry Essential Oil: Cleansing, purifying oil which stimulates circulation


Geranium Essential Oil: The #1 oil for cellulite appearance reduction, geranium essential oil is also uplifting and enhances mood


Rosemary Essential Oil: Strengthening, toning, stimulates circulation


Bergamot Essential Oil: Antiseptic, contains Linalool which promotes circulation


Lavender Essential Oil: Calming, soothing, anti-irritant


Roman Chamomile Essential Oil: Calming, mood enhancing


German Chamomile Essential Oil: Very gentle blue oil which soothes irritation and inflammation


Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil: Uplifting, tonic, stimulates the lymphatic system (the body's natural immune system)


Fennel Essential Oil: detoxifying and regenerating


USDA Organic Rosehip Seed Essential Oil: High in natural Vitamin C and essential fatty acids, used for scars, collagen production stimulation


Grapeseed Oil: Light oil which absorbs quickly, astringent


Wheatgerm Oil: very high in natural vitamin E, used for scars and cell membrane rebuilding


Natural Beeswax: Provides a natural, breathable protective barrier, high in natural vitamins and enzymes


Comes in a metal 2 oz tin. 


To apply: Take a small amount of Ballerina Balm and warm it between your palms to liquify. Apply to stretch marks, or all over legs, arms, or anywhere that has the appearance of cellulite. A little goes a long way! Start out with a very small amount and add more if needed. 


Can be used in conjunction with Ballerina Skin Firming Oil


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