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Chocowood - Scrub Bar Soap

Love Ya Face

Chocowood is one of several daily exfoliating face and body bar soaps. All natural with natural exfoliants, these soaps work daily to reveal and maintain younger, fresher skin with essential oils and botanical extracts. Make sure to use an excellent moisturizer after exfoliating, as your new skin will be more susceptible to becoming dry.


Chocowood contains:


Cacao Absolute: Basically, chocolate essential oil. The scent is so rich and deep of pure chocolate. Rich in antioxidants, this oil treats both the skin and senses. Chocolate is connected to the heart chakra and to love (no surprise there!)


Himalayan Cedarwood: Grounding and deeply woodsy, Himalayan Cedarwood is a mellow and mild wood that centers the energy through the root chakra. Deodorizing and antibacterial, it has a broad range of benefits to the skin. 


Ground Walnut Shells: Walnut shells, very finely ground, act as a great exfoliant. Once they are ground extra fine, there are no jagged edges, but the scrubbing action is still just as effective as harsher exfoliants. Walnut is also a nerve tonic.


Cocoa Butter: Rich and nourishing, helps to immediately moisturize freshly exfoliated skin. 


Available in trial and full sizes.