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Cordoba - Body Clay Bar Soap

Chakra Soul

Scent: Unique

Skin Type: All, mature


Cordoba is a rich, nourishing soap with essential oils and extracts to cleanse, detoxify, firm, and soften skin. Can be used on the face for all skin types except extra sensitive. 


Cordoba includes:


Geranium Essential Oil: Precious essential oil which energetically heals childhood wounds. Connected to the Sacral Chakra.


Frankincense Essential Oil: Prized oil since Biblical Times, purifying. Connection to God and the Crown Chakra.


Lemongrass Essential Oil: Toning, purifying, fortifying essential oil


Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Purifying, detoxifying, opening and expansive essential oil which also acts as an expectorant


Green Tea Extract: High in antioxidants, circulatory stimulant for younger looking skin


Rhassoul Clay: Toning clay from Morocco, used in the finest spas for firming and detoxifying


Castor Oil: Used by Medium Edgar Cayce. He thought it drew out negative energy. Softening and hydrating natural oil from the Castor Bean.


Shea Butter: Rich, soothing, moisturizing natural butter




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