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Eclipse - Chakra Unblocking Meditation Mist

Chakra Soul

Eclipse Mist is a natural essential oil mist, with pure essential oils that unblock and open the chakras. This has the effect of bringing the darkness to light, stirring up emotional blocks and re-presenting them in the form of memories and dreams. Hindsight can only be used when reflection occurs. Hindsight allows for forgiveness and rethinking false lessons that only limit you in life. 


Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils of:

Australia Tea Tree, opens all of the chakras, cleansing 

Himalayan Cedarwood, Root Chakra oil, peaceful and grounding, bringing thoughts to reality

Patchouli, the peace oil, most well known for the 1960s as a hippie staple. Eases the spirit and mildly euphoric.

Frankincense, Crown Chakra oil, connection to God and Source energy and the bigger picture

Lemon, Solar Plexus Chakra, self-esteem, courage, doing instead of watching or only thinking about doing--action

Cypress, opening and expansive oil, mainly of the Heart Chakra --the center of unconditional love for self and others

plus a proprietary blend of other essential oils which open and enhance the chakras.


Made with pure USDA Aloe Leaf Juice and alcohol-free, Aura Activator is an energetic aromatherapy enhancement in addition to a fresh fragrance.


Wear it as a perfume/cologne, spray before meditation, or use as a pillow mist. 


60 ml (2 fl oz) plastic bottle (bpa-free). 


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