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Emoli Essential Facial Oil

Love Ya Face

Skin Types: Normal, Oily, Acneic, Mature


Emoli is a unisex body moisturizing oil which absorbs quickly into skin. It can be used as a facial daytime moisturizer for dry skin, or nighttime moisturizer for all other facial skin types. 


Emoli contains the following Essential Oils:


Immortelle: Also called Helichrysum, this amazing and rare essential oil is the undisputed champion of the ultimate in skin repair. New and old scars have been reduced successfully with Immortelle. It also acts as an amazing preventative oil for all skin types. 


Tea Tree: Australian Tea Tree Oil is antiseptic, and has even been shown to have purifying effects on many types of bacteria. Mild, yet effective, tea tree clears blackheads, whiteheads, and imparts a smooth, even toned complexion.


Lavender: French Lavender has a slightly camphorous scent. Relaxing and therapeutic, this is one of the most calming essential oils for mind and body. 


Roman Chamomile: Reduces stress and promotes relaxation


German Chamomile: Also called "Blue Chamomile," this oil is used in many skincare preparations to soothe irritated skin. 


Only a tiny amount of Emoli is needed. With a very unique herbal scent, Emoli provides an aromatherapy experience as well as direct benefits to the skin.


30 ml glass bottle.


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