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Essential Apricot - Scrub Bar Soap

Love Ya Face

Essential Apricot Scrub Bar Soap is one of several daily exfoliating face and body bar soaps. All natural with natural exfoliants, these soaps work daily to reveal and maintain younger, fresher skin with essential oils and botanical extracts. Make sure to use an excellent moisturizer after exfoliating, as your new skin will be more susceptible to becoming dry.


Essential Apricot contains:


Apricot Kernel Oil: Apricot Kernel Oil is very high in natural Vitamins A, C and E, each of which repair and regenerate the skin. Studies are ongoing of the use of Apricot Kernel Oil to treat sun damage, with excellent results so far. 


Shea Butter: Rich and moisturizing pure, unrefined butter. Hydrates and protects the skin.


Proprietary Essential Oil Blend: An amazing blend of pure essential oils, including Clary Sage, French Lavender, and Mandarin. This blend works to soothe irritated skin and smells absolutely wonderful. 


Available in trial and full sizes.