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Exodus Essential Anointing Oil

Chakra Soul

Skin Types: All

Exodus All Natural Energetic Anointing Oil for Body is a deeply spiritual oil blend. As described in Exodus 23 in The Bible, this oil blend is a Holy Anointing oil. The scent is magical, purifying and calming. Can be applied to feet alone, or to pulse points on the temples, back of head, and top of head for deep meditation. 


Made with:

USDA Organic Olive Oil - Cold Pressed, Virgin, Olive oil's skin benefits have been known for centuries. Calming and nourishing


and therapeutic grade Essential Oils including:


Cassia Essential Oil - Similar to Cinnamon, stimulating, heating, antibacterial

Cinnamon Essential Oil - stimulating, antibacterial

Myrrh Essential Oil - Crown Chakra enhancing, spicy and deep aroma

Calamus Root - rare holy oil, earthy and calming


Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, phlalate-free, Fragrance-Free Mineral Oil-free, not tested on animals.  


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