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Golden Oil - Facial Hydrating Oil

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Oh Golden Oil, where have you been all my life! 

This magical, lightweight golden oil is food for your face. Nourish your skin with Organic Sacha Inchi Oil from Peru, used for thousands of years for wound healing with its incredibly therapeutic properties. Add to that Organic Non-GMO USA Soy, Organic Sesame Oil, and put the bounce back in your cheeks.

Golden Oil includes a total of 11 Organic Essential Oils including:

 - Frankincense

 - Rose

 - Turmeric

 - Sweet Fennel

 - Petitgrain

 - Spike Lavender

 - Bergamot

- Ylang-Ylang

 - Carrot Seed

 - Sea Buckthorn

 - Brahmi

Together, this amazing blend will synergistically nourish and enliven your skin, giving it a youthful glow while evening out skin tone and increasing clarity. 

Once you try it, you will be hooked! 

Use only a few drops for face and neck. Gentle enough to use around the eye area. 

Use morning and night for dry or normal skin, and at night only for oily skin. 

Suitable for all skin types.

30 ml glass bottle.

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