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Molasses - Body Bar Soap

Love Ya Face

Scent: Sweet


Molasses Soap starts out with Pure Molasses.


-Molasses is a dark, sweet syrup which is one of the last products to be created in sugar production. Rich in iron, magnesium, and potassium, molasses has a characteristically deep, slightly burnt, sugary aroma. 


-Wildflower Honey:  a natural humectant, full of vitamins and enzymes. 


-Clove Essential Oil: has an earthy, spicy aroma and antibacterial properties


-USDA Organic Cinnamon Granules: clusters of cinnamon, giving a little added heat and spice to this wonderful blend, for natural, gentle exfoliation


-Cocoa Butter: smooth and creamy, an excellent moisturizer for all skin types


Molasses Soap is a unique, sweet way to start the day. 


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