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Paradise Cove Body Lotion

Love Ya Face

Scent: Unique

Skin Type: All


Paradise Cove is an amazing natural lotion with Cocoa Butter, pure Essential Oils, and botanical extracts. The scent blooms and reveals many herbal and fruit notes. Escape daily to Paradise Cove. 


Paradise Cove Contains:


Lemongrass Essential Oil: skin toning, deodorizing, regulates oil without drying


Key Lime Essential Oil: brighter and sweeter than regular limes, Key Lime has a tangy twist and a toning effect


Coconut Oil: moisturizes and nourishes the skin


Cocoa Butter: moisturizing and acts a protectant


Lavender Essential Oil: calms the skin and senses


Roman Chamomile Essential Oil: emotionally calming


German Chamomile Essential Oil: calms skin irritation, also known as "Blue Chamomile" 





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