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Priya Natural Essential Oil Perfume

Love Ya Face

Scent Type: Unique

For: Women


Priya means "Beloved." The Essential Oils chosen to create Priya are the finest and most pure in the world. Bulgarian Rose, Clary Sage, Hungarian Lavender Neroli, Jasmine, and Ylang-Ylang are just some of the magnificent essential oils, highly sought out by perfumers all over the world and all together in Priya. 


The effects of these Essential Oils are strengthening, esteem enhancing, calming, and purely peaceful. A freshening of renewed energy and optimism.


Though Priya contains several floral essential oils, the resulting blend is not so much floral as it is unique. 


This Alcohol-free natural perfume is made using skin conditioning Organic Aloe Juice and pure Essential Oils.


Natural Perfumes can be used also as a pre-meditation mist or pillow mist.


Natural Perfumes come in glass atomizer (spray) bottles, and body mist is not quite as strong and comes in a plastic atomizer bottle. 



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