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Rain Natural Fragrance and Meditation Mist

Chakra Soul

The technical name is "petrichor." It's the scent in the air just after it starts to rain. Fresh and with ozone, hints of moss and earth. Now this scent has been captured in "Rain," by Chakra Soul.


Rain is Alcohol-Free, it is made with USDA Organic Aloe Juice and pure, therapeutic grade essential oils of:


Cypress Essential Oil: Heart Chakra, Opening and Circulatory, unconditional love for self and others


Tulsi Essential Oil: Sacred Holy Basil, used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries


Lavender Essential Oil: Soothing to nerves and skin


Roman Chamomile Essential Oil:  Emotionally calming oil, meditative


German Chamomile Essential Oil: Blue oil of the throat chakra. Calming, to skin and senses


Davana Essential Oil: Stimulates the pineal gland, the "seat of the soul," or "third eye."


Helichrysum Essential Oil: Also called, "Immortelle." Highly prized oil for skin regeneration


Peru Balsam: Root Chakra Oil. Earthy and warming. Grounding


…plus a proprietary blend of 7 additional rare essential oils to create this magical blend which opens up and changes on the skin. Relaxing and highly promotive of a meditative state, "Rain" is a peaceful addition to your life. 


Wear it as a cologne or perfume, spray before meditation, or use as a pillow mist. 


60 ml (2 fl oz) plastic bottle (bpa-free). 


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