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Santa Fe Soap - Face and Body Bar Soap

Love Ya Face

Scent: Unique

Skin Type: All, mature, damaged


Santa Fe...bright, beautiful, nourishing soap with Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts to enliven all skin types. Unisex. 


Santa Fe Soap Contains:


Hemp Seed Oil: Rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, reduces inflammation and conditions skin


Lemon Essential Oil: Toning, brightening, oil with an uplifting scent


Wheatgrass Extract: detoxifying, energizing, anti-inflammatory. Wheatgrass shots are a favorite at juice bars for their health benefits. Now, you can enjoy Wheatgrass in a whole new way every day.


Sweet Fennel Essential Oil: Lifting, clearing, excellent for skin. Sweet Fennel also has been used traditionally to treat all kinds of skin ailments and to help even skin tone 


Olive Leaf Extract: Antiviral, antibacterial, secret of the Mediterranean skincare gurus. Olive leaf extract is highly concentrated and provides nutrients and antioxidants that are readily absorbed by the skin. 


Wildflower Honey: Antibacterial, softening, natural humectant. Pure Wildflower Honey, raw and rich with enzymes and vitamins


Shea Butter: Natural butter used for protection and moisturizing all skin types


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