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Secret of the Bees - Body Firming Milk

Love Ya Face

Wildflower Honey and Bee Propolis Extract, rich in vitamins and enzymes give skin a healthy glow, while tea extracts and glaucine work beneath the surface of the skin to rev up circulation and decrease cellulite. With a scent as sweet as honey, this firming milk is an absolute delight to skin and senses.


 Love Ya Face Body Firming Milks all include the natural extract Glaucine. Glaucine, from the Yellow Poppy Flower, has been proven in studies to have real, measurable results. Glaucine produced the following changes after a 56-day clinical study involving 17 females who used a glaucine-rich cream twice a day:

■Cellulite fat deposits were reduced by 14%

■Cellulite globule projection was reduced by 17%

■Cellulite water retention was reduced by 7%

■Firmness was increased by 15%


(Source: Lipotherapia )