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Shade Natural Facial Sun Cream

Love Ya Face

For: All skin types

Scent Type: Herbal

This incredible moisturizing sun cream contains rich shea butter, essential oils, and micronized Zinc Oxide for luxury sun care.


This non-Greasy formula includes therapeutic grade essential oils of:

French Lavender to soothe and calm skin,

Myrrh for protective care,


plus carrier oils of: 


Wheatgerm: nourishing, hydrating, and naturally high in Vitamin E

Avocado: Inherent sun protection, highly emollient and long lasting


Micronized Zing Oxide (Z-Cote) gives the UV protection of Zinc but without the bright white look of Zinc. Because the particles are so fine, a higher percentage of Z-Cote can be used in the creation of this cream without looking pasty! Zinc also calms minor irritation in skin. 


Shade contains no fillers and only a tiny amount is needed. Handmade in small batches to ensure potency and freshness.


2 oz jar


Not tested on animals. Paraben-Free, Sulphate-Free, Pthalate-Free. 


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