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Temple of the Sun - Face and Body Soap

Chakra Soul

Temple of the Sun is a magical mix of essential oils and earth elements. A soothing, opening, and spiritually cleansing blend to rejuvenate the soul. 


Temple of the Sun contains:


Castor Oil: Used by Healer-Medium Edgar Cayce. He believed Castor Oil could draw out disease from the body


White Copal: Sacred Resin used in Temples and Churches, believed to be a connection to the afterlife


Diatomaceous Earth (food grade): 100,000 years old, diatomaceous earth contains silica, excellent for skin. Purifying and naturally exfoliating.


Essential Oils of:


Cedarwood: Grounding and calming, warm, woody aroma


Camphor: Opening and deeply cleansing


Patchouli: The Peace Oil, grounding and earthly connection, a favorite during the 1970s peace & love movement


Eucalyptus: Decongestant, purifying oil with a deep herbal aroma


Ginger Grass: Spiritually mood lifting, euphoric. Stress reducing and circulatory. Light, green, and fresh.





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