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Three Kings Essential Facial Oil

Chakra Soul

Skin Types: All


Three Kings is a facial oil which absorbs quickly into skin. It can be used as a facial daytime moisturizer for dry skin, or nighttime moisturizer for all other facial skin types. 


Three Kings is named after the Gifts of the Three Wise Men and contains the following therapeutic grade Essential Oils:


-Frankincense: Prized oil since Biblical Times, purifying. Connection to God and the Crown Chakra.


-Myrrh: Uplifting and opening, this wildcrafted Myrrh is a highly prized spiritual oil associated with the Third Eye, or Intuition Center.


-Sandalwood: Wildcrafted from Australia, this deep, sensual oil has been used in temples and religious ceremonies for thousands of years. Pineal gland stimulating for inner awareness. 


Only a few drops of Three Kings is needed for face and neck. With a very unique woodsy/earthy scent, Three Kings provides an aromatherapy experience as well as direct benefits to the skin.


30 ml glass bottle.


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